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create.  update renovate.

"An interior i​s the natural projection of the soul...."

                                                 - COCO CHANEL 

"The artist sees what others only catch a glimpse of...."

                         - LEONARDO DA VINCI 


At Elizabeth Klosterman Design Studio the sole purpose and ultimate goal is to provide a service which results in clients who have an interior which is mindfully curated and built for their individual lifestyle. With well-honed skill and experience-driven knowledge we collaborate with our clients, work with trades and suppliers to confidently deliver consistently satisfying, personalized design results and experience.....

" Working with Elizabeth was hands-down my most wonderful experience ever with any service provider.  Elizabeth is very skilled, smart, flexible, creative, pleasant, positive, professional, and has the utmost integrity.  I truly felt like Elizabeth cared deeply about making my home the best it could be for me. My home now is a place that feels peaceful, happy, and comfortable. And I'm proud to have friends and family into the beautiful space Elizabeth has created for me. I cannot say enough good things about my whole experience!! "

 - client, southpoint residence

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